[WLANtalk] WiFi broadcast for search and rescue

Philipp Borgers borgers at mi.fu-berlin.de
Mi Apr 15 10:42:51 CEST 2020


currently we are taking a look at wifibroadcast [1] for a search and rescue
project [2].

We would like to test different hardware setups, e.g. other transceivers and
antennas. If you have spare hardware, e.g. one/two of the listed WiFi adapters
[3] or some sector or point to point antennas please let me know.

If you have experience with packet injection and wifi drivers/firmwares please
help us push the limits. Currently we "only" can transmit 20MBit/s in a rather
nosy environment.

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards
Philipp Borgers

[1] https://befinitiv.wordpress.com/wifibroadcast-analog-like-transmission-of-live-video-data/wifibroadcast-fpv-manual-setup/
[2] https://www.hs-augsburg.de/searchwing/
[3] https://dronebridge.gitbook.io/docs/dronebridge-for-raspberry-pi/supported-hardware#wifi-adapters
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