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For information to a discussion in different Internet groups.

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Betreff: Re: management of technology patents, licenses and ...
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Dear Amali De Silva,

many many thanks for your initiative in this environment to discuss this 
theme. One of the most important question for us. I have addressed many 
lists. And i know, many friends act on different lists. Maybe, sometimes 
we bring the different discussions together.

This question is not only for jobless people or for that, what some 
people say, "extension of human capital". A terrible term.

We act, or the most of us, for a telecommunication that can interconnect 
all people on our planet. And we do it mostly, because we have the 
experience, how strong was this system to help us in our own development 
and activity.

But we have also another layer. We say, all this terrible destruction of 
nature, culture, history, knowledge and so on, what we see in the last 
decades, centuries and so on, we can stop, if the people are interconnected.

And, in a positive direction, all our understanding of the laws of the 
nature, the basic for our technology, the materialisation of the law of 
the nature, we can strong accelerate, if we cooperate globally in an 
free and open space for all people. A fantastic perspective.

Then we never will have any problem with the development and 
distribution of our Internet. For that we can say: the inter-connection 
of any device or the inter-connection of all local networks with her 
devices. Physically, of course, all devices. And the people use the 
devices for her communication and information exchange.

We know, knowledge is a common resource. We know it from ourself, we 
know it from other people. All our knowledge is based on that, what 
other people before and today created and published. Never any person 
alone can work.

The patent rights suggest, we as a individual person can create 
something alone. This is a big nonsense, a religion. But we, with our 
experience and understanding, can say, we ignore all this nonsense. We 
never use it, we never recognize it. It is more a decision for us self, 
like with all religions. They are depend, that the people believe.

And we have the experience, that if nobody follow, nothing exist of 
that. Only a paper maybe.

I speak here consciously to a group of enlightened people. And i speak 
here to activist for a free and open interconnection of all people on 
our planet. I am atheist and i go only in a church to see the used 
technology in our history. Therefore, i am not interested for dogmatic 

In my concentration to the internet the technology to realize stay 
always in the foreground. The first part, the theoretical discussion 
about structures and methodologies, is for me clear. We have it, if we want.

The transport of the digital data in packetform over any geografical 
distances is the most important part, what we have to organice. And not 
with Kb, Mb, or little Gb. No, with Tb. But i know, that in this lists 
the most people people don't like to work with experimental and 
theoretical physic. They like more to repeat all this Governance 
rethoric. Papers for papaers, texts for texts. Endless without a clear 

We know, our Internet we can only create in a global cooperation in the 
technical sphere. The people in the regions have to be able to organize 
the internet in his region. And only the IP header we need for our 
interoperability. That we understand the elements in this language. And 
how we transport the data is not important. Only the non-alteration is 

The result for me is the free technology. Free for participate, free for 
using the result, for all people on our planet. The principles: "global 
thinking, local doing" and "knowledge is always worldheritage".

many thanks and greetings, willi
Manaus, Brasil

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Betreff: [governance] management of technology patents, licenses and 
royalty agreements focus group on impacts for labour / jobs, not just IT 
Datum: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 04:09:36 +0000 (UTC)
Von: amalidesilva at yahoo.com <amalidesilva at yahoo.com>
An: Internet Governance <governance at lists.igcaucus.org>

Just a thought....

Civil society should build a focus group in the area of patents, 
licensing and technologies as it impacts labour supply not just skills, 
as it is a key to the allocation of wealth and the management of labour 
(job loss, is not just skills related it is actual displacement ) in to 
the future, if global birth rates are sustained at current levels...this 
is about access to technology.

In the past WSIS stakeholders have really promoted sharing of 
technological knowledge...so we have already have an early interest in 
this area of work and the monitoring of it....

Simple example. If the recipe for making cakes had not been shared but 
patented , there would be one global baker using a robot cake machine 
and not a cake baker in every city as now...so lots of cake making jobs 
were sustained...Even the most complex of technology developments may 
have to take this route for evolution at a certain level , whatever that 
level may be, to minimize net job loss in the interim / short term for 
social stability....this may also provide enhanced creative 
opportunities for the future...

Job losses of the future must be managed by society as the numbers will 
be too large to be easily assimilated by the general job market place 
plus..to address the current IT skills gap , civil society should 
actively support the IT education of the 40 to 65 year olds ...in to the 
future we will need less technically qualified people as AI develops 
sophistication....this is the real issue then...and we need to start 
planning now as the current global  talk suggests....

Amali De Silva - Mitchell...

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