[WLANtalk] Freifunk mit TDMA?

Valent Turkovic valent at otvorenamreza.org
Di Jul 14 13:29:42 CEST 2015

it seams that Russian company called NETSHe has created TDMA driver
and they base their firmware upon OpenWrt.
It looks like this is close guarded secret or just nobody noticed them
so far because they have developing this driver for over 5 years.

Versions prior to stable 1.0 also had their source posted on Ubiquiti
forums (search for NETSHe on Ubiquiti forums).

NETSHe guys also published document [1] that explains their TDMA implementation.

You can download for free their firmware [2] that works on some
TP-Link and Ubiquiti devices (they have some restrictions in free

Maybe we can use their TDMA driver for backbone PtMP links?

Also I see that they invested quite lot of time in testing of time
slot timings to get best possible performance [3] and published their
results [4].

They won't open source their code but have flexible licencing model.
If their TDMA driver performs ok we could get Batman, OLSR or Babel
working on Ubiquiti devices this way and still have TDMA for PtMP

[1] http://www.netshe.ru/files/doc/en/TDMA_brief_en.pdf
[2] http://netshe.ru/files/NETSHe-3.0/
[3] http://netshe.stasoft.net/node/47
[4] http://netshe.ru/files/doc/en/test_results_28032015.pdf

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