[PATCH v4 2/5] hood file: Use different files for www and for checksum comparison

Adrian Schmutzler freifunk at adrianschmutzler.de
Mi Jul 25 15:58:15 CEST 2018

At the moment, we use the same file for detecting changes in a
new hood file and for broadcasting the hood information to be used
by mesh routers.

However, there may be situations where we don't want to broadcast
an existing hoodfile. We, on the other hand, cannot delete it
then, as we need the file for checking changes in the temporary
We also cannot just switch the wXconfig state to achieve this
goal, as we need a trigger to do that (which is the same file we
are discussing about).

So, in this patch, we introduce two files, one for the checksum
comparison and one for the hood info broadcast. Those can now be
set and deleted (in a later patch) as it is required by their
respective tasks. This should also improve code clarity to the
reader ...

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <freifunk at adrianschmutzler.de>

Reviewed-by: Fabian Bläse <fabian at blaese.de>
Reviewed-by: Robert Langhammer <rlanghammer at web.de>
Tested-by: Fabian Bläse <fabian at blaese.de>


Changes in v2:

Changes in v3:

Changes in v4:
- Fixed if->elif
- Added commit description
 src/packages/fff/fff-hoods/files/usr/sbin/configurehood           | 6 ++++--
 src/packages/fff/fff-hoodutils/files/lib/functions/fff/keyxchange | 3 +++
 src/packages/fff/fff-web/files/www/ssl/cgi-bin/home.html          | 2 +-
 3 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/packages/fff/fff-hoods/files/usr/sbin/configurehood b/src/packages/fff/fff-hoods/files/usr/sbin/configurehood
index 1a2c12a..b6ba3e3 100755
--- a/src/packages/fff/fff-hoods/files/usr/sbin/configurehood
+++ b/src/packages/fff/fff-hoods/files/usr/sbin/configurehood
@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ else
 		if ! isGatewayAvailable ; then
 			#now we haven't a gateway in Range, we search for a hidden AP to get a keyxchangev2data file!
 			#first we delete all wifi settings
-			rm -f "$hoodfilewww" # delete this, so interfaces are recreated if reconnect with unchanged hood file takes place
+			rm -f "$hoodfileref" # delete this, so interfaces are recreated if reconnect with unchanged hood file takes place
+			rm -f "$hoodfilewww" # delete this, so wrong hood file is not broadcasted anymore
 			uci -q del "system. at system[0].hood"
 			uci -q commit system
@@ -106,7 +107,7 @@ if [ -s "$hoodfiletmp" ]; then
 	# but without signature, every hood file we get is valid!
 	catnew="$(cat "$hoodfiletmp" | sed 's/"timestamp”: *"[0-9]*"/"timestamp":0/')"
-	catold="$(cat "$hoodfilewww" 2>/dev/null | sed 's/"timestamp”: *"[0-9]*"/"timestamp":0/')"
+	catold="$(cat "$hoodfileref" 2>/dev/null | sed 's/"timestamp”: *"[0-9]*"/"timestamp":0/')"
 	sumnew=$(echo "$catnew" | sha256sum | cut -f1 -d " ")
 	sumold=$(echo "$catold" | sha256sum | cut -f1 -d " ")
@@ -185,6 +186,7 @@ if [ -s "$hoodfiletmp" ]; then
 		# copy the file to webroot so that other mesh routers can download it;
 		# copy only after all other steps so IF can be reentered if something goes wrong
+		cp "$hoodfiletmp" "$hoodfileref"
 		cp "$hoodfiletmp" "$hoodfilewww"
 		# This is a workaround to enable alfred on devices which do not see a configap during initial setup
diff --git a/src/packages/fff/fff-hoodutils/files/lib/functions/fff/keyxchange b/src/packages/fff/fff-hoodutils/files/lib/functions/fff/keyxchange
index 4d624a1..e49f7f8 100644
--- a/src/packages/fff/fff-hoodutils/files/lib/functions/fff/keyxchange
+++ b/src/packages/fff/fff-hoodutils/files/lib/functions/fff/keyxchange
@@ -5,12 +5,15 @@
 . /usr/share/libubox/jshn.sh
 getJsonPath() {
 	if [ -s "$hoodfilewww" ] ; then
+	elif [ -s "$hoodfileref" ] ; then
+		jsonfile="$hoodfileref"
 	elif [ -s "$hoodfiletmp" ] ; then
diff --git a/src/packages/fff/fff-web/files/www/ssl/cgi-bin/home.html b/src/packages/fff/fff-web/files/www/ssl/cgi-bin/home.html
index ef71eb4..bc15df7 100755
--- a/src/packages/fff/fff-web/files/www/ssl/cgi-bin/home.html
+++ b/src/packages/fff/fff-web/files/www/ssl/cgi-bin/home.html
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 if [ "$REQUEST_METHOD" == "POST" ] ; then
 	if [ "$POST_resethood" != "" ] ; then
 		# reset hood
-		rm "$hoodfilewww" 2> /dev/null
+		rm "$hoodfileref" 2> /dev/null
 		MSG='<span class="green">Hood-Daten werden innerhalb von 5 Minuten neu prozessiert.</span>'

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